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Along with SEO and link building, PPC is an integral part of the web-site promotion for the online gambling industry. As in retail and service sectors, pay-per-click for online gambling means the purchase of sponsored traffic on the search engine results pages. If developed effectively and comprehensively, paid advertising campaigns have a great business potential for immediate players response.

Imcredo specializes in delivering a full range of pay-per-click services for starting and professional gambling websites and portals. At our company we consider paid advertising, especially Google AdWords, to be a powerful tool providing an immense impact on the casino PPC traffic, especially in the first months after casino launch.

How We Treat paid Search for online Casinos

Imcredo has been successfully running paid search campaigns for online casinos. We fully realize your marketing objectives and correlate them with the opportunities of the online gambling market, so that our marketing campaigns produce an increased ROI. Although Google AdWords and other paid search systems have certain limitations for online casinos, we get the most of paid search benefits an online casino can expect.

For each gambling related marketing campaign we:

  • Develop individual account structure,
  • Design bidding policies,
  • Adjust geo-, device- and language-targeting strategies

For better management, we implement our marketing campaigns in clear steps and stages, reporting to our customers on the results achieved on each of them.

Each project that includes advertising campaigns is linked to our Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, in which we can steadily track relevant statistics and weekly report it to our clients in a comprehensible manner.

PPC Traffic Advantages

The importance of any marketing service is revealed in its advantages. As a reliable source of inbound paid traffic and potential clients, pay-per-click is of great importance. Paid search traffic is driven to the gambling website based on the list of selected keywords. At our casino advertising agency, we do detailed research into your business and make up your targeted customer base. As a result, we target the audience that falls under those people who are interested in your services.