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SEO processes are indispensable to web-site promotion, and that is the reason why we lay much emphasis on search engine optimization for online casinos. Online gambling and casino business are highly competitive fields where even a slight difference between competitors may bring success to one company and fail another.

The online gambling industry actively adopts SEO techniques to gain new clients and eventually – profit. Imcredo offers gambling SEO services for clients all over the world. Our priority is to improve quality and scale of organic traffic to online casino websites, as we developed effective and successful schemes of on-site and off-site search engine optimization for various segments of the Internet.

SEO for online casino implies several main stages of promotion strategy development and implementation. These stages are: analysis of the current situation, keyword research, on-site optimization and link building.

Analysis and strategy development

Depending on an online casino games set, license, target markets and players’ profile, we choose the keyword niches, analyze competition and build a solid SEO strategy for your online casino.

Keywords research

This stage is the key to getting the right traffic to the right pages, as here, together with our clients, we decide on the keywords to promote the website for, and prioritize online casino SEO efforts.

On-site optimization

This stage is crucial for all next stages success. At this stage, we work closely with the website developers and provide step-by-step recommendations on SEO technical factors. Apart from this, we make sure that the website content and meta tags are fully optimized for the primary SEO keywords.

Link building

After the website is fully set up and live, we proceed with link building campaigns to maximize SEO traffic for our clients’ websites. Learn more about our link building services for online casinos.

It must be mentioned that it takes time for search engine optimization procedures to bring results. In online casino SEO niche we see business getting first sustainable SEO results in 4 to 6 months of proactive link building campaigns.