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Web Analytics

One of the most important stages of ongoing SEO and web marketing activities for online casinos is website traffic quality analysis. This activity is aimed at selecting top-performing traffic sources and keywords, outlining and focusing SEO efforts to the most converting traffic patterns.

Imcredo web analytics for casinos services include:

Initial web statistics set up

We set up and tune Google Analytics or a similar web statistics tool to have all necessary players’ actions recorded by traffic source. The actions (or Conversions) we track usually are:

  • Registrations
  • Account activations
  • Deposits

Reporting system setup

After we tuned up the initial web statistics settings, we set up a comprehensive online reporting system to track key traffic performance metrics by source, visitor’s type and other segments.

Strategy prioritization

Based on the casino web statistics reports and our experts’ findings, we come up with recommendations on top priority keywords, SEO strategies updates, as well as landing pages further optimization.

Why Web Statistics Is Important for an Online Casino?

Having registrations, deposits and other conversion data attached to sources, keywords and campaigns brings vital value to the online casinos web marketing strategies, and, what’s more important, allows proper budget allocation. Actionable web stats data is the key to maximizing both players’ conversion rates, and eventually, deposits per source, channel and keyword.